Light up the screen: Techniques in Film Lighting

From the shadowy light manipulations of horror movies, that haunt your imagination, to the warm inviting glow of budding young love – the arrangements of lighting setups in film have proved to have unlimited possibilities. 

Lighting is responsible for creating the mood and atmosphere of any given film. It helps set an emotion, whilst guiding the audience’s gaze and reaction to interpret specific feelings and meanings. There are, however, certain techniques and lighting angles one can familiarise themselves with in order to achieve their desired effect (whatever that may be).

LEDs in architecture: Integrating design and function

Strictly speaking, for many, the sole purpose of lighting is to illuminate a space. At its most basic level, this is, in fact, true. However, if you find yourself standing in an architectural masterpiece you will quickly find that lighting holds the stage for all architectural possibilities. The relationship between architectural design and light is inevitable, necessary and intentional.

It is in understanding this effortless connection that we can truly understand how LEDs have transformed an entire industry of creatives.

The Fluence SPYDR 2 Series: Lighting the way for legacy cultivation systems

The Lamphouse continues to pave the way for innovative lighting solutions. This is our active contribution to creating a more sustainable world. Using our precise engineering, extensive agricultural research, advanced technologies and natural curiosity, we continue to introduce superior growing tools to an ever-growing market. One of which has been the Fluence SPYDR 2 Series.

LED lighting taking over the Maritime industry

A revolution is taking place in the boating and shipping industry and it is LED lighting that is leading this revolt. LEDs were ultimately destined to take over all Maritime lighting, from navigation to onboard lighting fixtures and everything in between, LEDs are dominating this space. Even the official U.S Navy and well-known private fishing monopolies are bowing to its powers. Let’s see why many industry-leading companies are making the switch to this superior lighting application.

How Fluence is transforming the South African cannabis industry

It should come as no surprise that the legalisation of cannabis has revolutionised the world. In all of its spheres from social to political and environmental arenas. The legal production of cannabis, however, highlights the need for grower knowledge, production skills and technology to meet the demands of an industry that was once clouded in mystery. Fluence has since taken on the challenge and continues to lead horticultural endeavours across the globe. 


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