Higher quality

Bigger, better, tasty fresh produce – Optimization of surrounding growing environment will produce higher and more constant quality produce. Better quality air, water, temperature and light will produce those stronger and healthier plants

365 days / year round production

Summer, Autumn, Winter & Spring are a thing of the past – Optimization and controlling the surrounding growing environment give us the ability to emulate seasons, one continuous season conditions all year round. It offers the protection against all-weather related issues, no more droughts, flooding, strong winds and climate change.

Increase in Productivity

More is better – Optimization of surrounding growing environment can produce up to 25% more produce, speed up growth rate and will decrease the loss/waste of produce. Better quality air, water, temperature and light will produce those stronger and healthier plants

Increase in Efficiency

LED use less electricity – up 50% to 70% less electricity will be used in comparison to traditional HPS lamps. There will be reduction in heat as LED run much cooler than traditional, therefore reducing HVAC system and running costs.  

Reduction in Land use

Indoor farming requires less land usage – up to 75% reduction in land use can be achieved. Utilization of space is key, allows one to make use of all the space available indoors, corner to corner, floor to ceiling. Vertical farming is an increasing trend in indoor farming 

Less Water Consumed

Water scarcity is a Worldwide issue – up to 95% reduction in water use can be realized. Water can be recycled and reused. There is minimal water wastage and very little water will be lost to evaporation. Reduction is water usage will decrease overall running cost

No Pesticides

No more harm pesticides – In most cases, pesticides can be largely abandoned in indoor environment. All the harmfully chemical can be avoid, this will result in higher quality, bigger yields and less wastage.

Closer proximity to end users

Fresh produce on your door step – Urban farming is on the increase, indoor farms can be found in the middle of massive metropolitans, warehouses, containers and in our homes. Transport cost and ways will decrease, products will be fresher because it was picked this morning and delivered to you by lunch time and less produce is wasted due.

THIS is the future - and it's bright

The environment gives LED plant growing luminaires and lamps the thumbs up


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