The ultimate adjustable lighting pole system can be used to create a background support, structure a lighting grid, or for hundreds of other studio and outdoor applications. Its unique single action cantilever locking system exerts the correct amount of pressure to assure a secure fit, wedging the protective rubber ends in place, ceiling to floor. The cantilever system incorporates a safety lock to prevent accidental de-tensioning or movement.

Indispensable for all professional still life photographers, Manfrotto Still Life tables are made with lightweight aluminium tubing, dedicated clamps and translucent white Perspex covers for back – or front-lighting of your subject. Their design allows continuous adjustment of the curved backdrop at different angles, making them ideal for product photography. Full modularity makes the table easy to assemble and disassemble. Still Life line is complete with the well-known Multiclamp system. This extremely flexible and modular systems allow you to design and create all sorts of supports that can be easily set up, dismantled and reused for completely different applications. Several accessories will allow you to deal with specific problems.


Ideal for all photo and Video studios where the floor needs to be kept totally clear of power cables and lighting stands, the Sky Track System permits rapid manoeuvre and setting of suspended large lights or light with awkwardly sized accessories like soft boxes.

It solves positioning problems even on complex sets or in studios of the most unusual dimensions, and offers considerable advantages and ease of use compared to traditional floor stands.

Has a broad range of accessories to adapt your space to the ideal studio and to provide perfect compatibility with all types of lights, whether photographic, video or film.



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